The Will You Bless Me Trilogy, Three Read Aloud Books by Neal Lozano

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As you read aloud, you and your child will be able to travel with Anna from a familiar relationship with Dad, Grandpa or Grandma, into the life of the boy Jesus as he hears from His mother the Christmas story.  Experience the resurrection and the joy of Pentecost or encounter the compassion of Jesus through the eyes of the boy whose lunch fed five thousand. Adults and children alike are invited to experience the nearness of God-as together they ask the questions that everone deserves to have answered.

"'Will You Bless Me?' is designed to lead the reader to moments of loving intimacy with a child, speaking words that call forth the child's true identity."Neal Lozano.

Trilogy contains the hardbooks, "Will You Bless Me?", "Can God See Me in the Dark?" and "What Can I give God?"