Crown of Thorns, Small or Large

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SKU 9999
Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 16.00 (in)
Width 16.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Size Required

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This authentic Crown of Thorns is crafted in Israel ~ A constant reminder of the promises Christ made to Christians around the world. The small Crown of Thorns measures approximately 8"- 10" in diameter. The larger crown is approx. 12-13". The crown of thorns is a symbolic reminder of the suffering Jesus endured to redeem his people. Use as a centerpiece for  your home, for a Passion Play, a wall decoration or place atop a wooden olive cross, draped with a purple cloth for the ultimate statement. Wrapped in purple gift tissue and gift boxed with message scroll detailing the origins of the crown of thorns. This replica of the crown of thorns has been known to the region of many years. Its scientific name is Euphorbia Milli. This thick stemmed plant grows amidst the desert of Jericho and by the Dead Sea, 30 Miles from Jerusalem. This Beautiful ornamental plant, which has dense thorns, is said to have been used by Roman Legionaries to mock Christ at his Crucifixion.