7.2" LED Sweet Dreams Acrylic Tabletop Plaque

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SKU 18659
Weight 0.62 LBS
Height 7.28 (in)
Width 1.77 (in)
Depth 6.30 (in)

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Illuminate your nights with our 7.2" H LED Sweet Dreams Acrylic Tabletop Plaque, blending enchanting aesthetics with comforting functionality. This captivating plaque features a soothing "Sweet Dreams" message illuminated by gentle LED lights, creating a serene ambiance perfect for bedtime.

Crafted from acrylic for a sleek and modern look, it fits seamlessly into any bedroom décor. The compact size makes it ideal for bedside tables, offering a gentle glow that encourages relaxation and peaceful sleep.

As a thoughtful gift, the LED Sweet Dreams Acrylic Tabletop Plaque adds a touch of warmth and tranquility to any space. Embrace peaceful nights with this charming addition to your home.