27" Nativity Color Resin, Pieces Sold Separately

$42.00 - $618.00
SKU 39530
Weight 10.00 LBS
Height 35.00 (in)
Width 25.00 (in)
Depth 25.00 (in)
Figures A/B/C: Holy Family Set (39530)
Figure A: Baby Jesus (39531)
Figure B: Mary (39532)
Figure C: Joseph (39533)
Figures D/E/F: Three Kings Set (38010)
Figure E: Praising King (38012)
Figure F: Kneeling King (38011)
Figure D: African King (38013)
Figure G: Gloria Angel (37521)
Figure H: Shepherd/Lamb Set (36192)
Figure I: Drummer Boy (36490)
Figure J: Seated Ox (37519)
Figure K: Seated Donkey (37520)
Figure L: Seated Camel (35213)
Figure M: Standing Sheep (35212S)
Figure N: Laying Sheep (35212L)

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Beautiful Collection of Color Outdoor Resin-Stone Nativity Pieces!

27" Scale Joseph's Studio Collection

Heights, Weights, and Prices Vary by Individual Pieces and Multi-Piece Sets

Select which pieces/sets you would like to purchase to build and eventually complete your set!

Figures Available for Purchase:



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It is perfect.
Written by Philomena Ruisz on 30th Sep 2016

The camel will finish my husbands outdoor Nativity. Best gift he ever got.