Laminated Holy Card, Smiling Jesus, Help Me to Remember...

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Smiling Jesus Laminated Holy Card. Measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/4". Back of the holy card is the prayer:  "Lord, Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can't handle". 

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Smiling Jesus
Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2022

I had this card for over 20 years and it has always been my favorite picture of Jesus. The one I had was in my car on the visor...not laminated. Over the past few months it started to disintegrate and I was heart broken, and then I looked up at the visor and what was left of it was gone. Not sure if it's in the car somewhere or it blew out the open window! I took to Google to see if I could find a new one and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found GiftswithLove! To see this beautiful face again, laminated so that nothing will happen to it, makes my heart soar! Thank you so very much for the beautiful work!!!

Written by undefined on 12th Nov 2016

These cards were just as I expected, thanks!

Written by undefined on 14th Feb 2016

I purchased this card at a retreat house several years ago. I wanted to share it with my retreat team and was happy to have found it on line.

Written by Ann on 23rd Sep 2015

The Smiling Jesus holy card is just what I was looking for. Jesus' face is smiling and very uplifting in these troubled times. It reminds us to have a sense of humor and to remember he is with us in all that we do!

Welcome addition to my home altar!
Written by Kirby on 18th May 2015

So nice to have Jesus smiling at me every day as I make my way through this world!

Lost & Found
Written by Amy on 15th May 2015

This card was given to me by a good friend many years ago and recently my home was burglarized and my card was stolen. I was so distraught and hoping to find another. I found it here at Gifts with Love. People steal things because they feel they need or deserve what they're stealing. I hope whoever did this to me finds solace and salvation with my card that they stole.

Smiling Jesus
Written by undefined on 10th Mar 2014

this is absolutely the best - always carry one with you!