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Christmas is right around the corner! Get the women you love in your life a christian gift from Gifts with Love. On our website you will be able to find many different gifts such as jewelry! Every women loves to receive jewelry as a gift! Currently we are featuring 3 different Claddagh Rings. One of those is the Claddagh Ring 7756. This ring is $79.95 and is offered in size 5 to size 10. This ring is made out of sterling silver and they are made to order! Make sure you allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery to be made on time!Because Christmas is a week away, we have many different Christmas decor items to spruce up any woman's house.  A cute and best selling item is an Indoor Snowball Set. The kids will love this decoration! If you live somewhere where it does not snow on Christmas morning, this is perfect! You and your children can have snow ball fights all winter long with this bucket of snowballs. These 6 smiling plush snowballs come in a metal carrying bucket to keep them all together. These snow balls come in either green or red! Make sure you get your order in to receive it before Christmas!