About Us


I'm Norma DiCoco.  In 1965 my husband Lou and I founded the DiCocco Family St. Jude Shop, Inc.  I'm proud to say that today we're among the largest religious and inspirational goods retailers in the United Staes. And we're still 100% family run.

We have always seen this endeavor as a ministry first and a business second.  Our goal is to inable you ,our customers, to enjoy a greter relationship with God throught the products we sell in our stores, our catalogs, and now online.

This webiste is our newest venture - Just launced with a marvelous selection for the Christmas season.

We call this online catalog "Gifts With Love."  Every item you'll find here can indeed become a gift with love for a friend or family member. (Or, even for yourself!) And, after the New Year, we hope you'll return often to see the growing range of inspirational and traditional gifts that we'll be offering for every season

With warm regards this Christmas,

Norma DiCocco (for the entire DiCocco Family)

Call or write us at 1-800-523-7604 or info@giftswithlove.com

PS. People often ask how we became involved in selling religious and inspirational goods and why our stores have been named for st. Jude. Well, our family has a deep appreciation for St. Jude, as I'm happy to expain.  To read this story, just click here.